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Flemish Biodanza School

The heart of the Flemish Biodanza School cherishes the variety and intensity of life: the connection between science, art and love. Our goal is to provide quality training.

We are the only school in Flanders to offer an internationally recognized course by IBFed.

The Flemish Biodanza School is a recognized member of ASSEUB (Association of Biodanza Schools united in Belgium) and of the International Biodanza Federation (IBF).

We guide future facilitators based on expertise and affective connection. We offer each student individual follow-up and coaching in facilitating to ensure the ethics of the practice of Biodanza. The Flemish Biodanza School offers movement workshops to strengthen the foundation of everyone's orientation in the world: mastering all types of movement in the Biodanza system and fully enjoying it.

Deepening the poetic-semantic level is intertwined in the didactic approach of the course. Our choice of words as a facilitator can open gates. Poetic improvisation with language is an art that connects, also in everyday life.

The experience of the training weekends with an overnight stay in the middle of nature invites students to develop the emotion of encounters in Biodanza into a deep and lasting experience of relational connection. From this vision we also welcome participants who want to deepen their human growth process and the knowledge of the concepts of Biodanza.


The Biodanza courses are a special human journey. You develop your identity, you really get to know a different system.

What are you learning?


  • Enjoyment by developing musicality and organically integrated movement.

  • Experience joy in discovering your talents and developing them into skills.. 

  • Communicate authentically (both verbally and non-verbally) from your entire being.

  • Turning your ability to love into action, both to yourself and to others.

  • Protect life and inspire others to change with a range of skills rooted in your movements such as purpose, strength, balance, receptivity, intensity, surrender…


Our courses


Biodanza growth trajectory

Stimulate the best in yourself

The Biodanza growth trajectory is more than development through dance. It is the restoration of a human sense of community that is the expression of everyone's identity.


You can immediately apply what you experience, both professionally and personally. Each training weekend offers you foundations that inspire transformation. The structuring moments that you experience during the process, together with the professional support, ensure that you stimulate the best in yourself during this intense and fascinating process.

Biodanza facilitator

Inspire to change

You participate in the Biodanza facilitator training to deepen your knowledge or to become a facilitator yourself. You can then facilitate weekly groups, also within organizations and companies, for example in the socio-cultural or psycho-educational sector. Biodanza is not only offered to employees in those sectors, but also to managers and target groups they work with.


You learn to build a relational profession for the future. As a Biodanza facilitator you contribute to the construction of a different society where respect for life is central.     



Experience your real nature intensely


Biodanza is an extraordinary tool for increasing self-esteem, developing identity, developing “joie de vivre” and intelligence, both on an affective and cognitive level.

Experiencing that state of well-being through Biodanza allows you to make better decisions and deal with daily tensions in a healthier way.

Biodanza is toegankelijk voor iedereen. 

Weekly lessons, short or long workshops, annual courses, close to home or further away, there are different ways to practice Biodanza.

Our values



An internationally recognized training by IBFed (International Biodanza Federation), which is unique in Flanders.

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 We value everyone's individuality, and encourage our students to grow and take responsibility based on transparency and trust.



Taking action is transformative.

Working together so that every student can be active to  take a biocentric place in society in his daily life and work.

“The first knowledge of the world, prior to speech, is knowledge through movement. So dance is a way of "being in the world", the expression of human's organic unity in the cosmos. Such an understanding of dance, understood as an integral cenaesthesia, is very old and has found different cultural expressions throughout human history.”

Rolando Toro Araneda

"Dance embraces aspects as fundamental as existential attitude, self-esteem and the function of connection."     

        “The Biodanza facilitator must be simultaneously a mystic of unity and a poet of complexity.”

Rolando Toro Araneda


The school

"Dance orientates me and moves me.


​Our Biodanza training develops inner strength to think, feel and act free in harmony. As a Biodanza facilitator you are a professional who inspires change.


The genius, the facets that make us unique and beautiful people, is much broader than we often think. We all have gifts that we let sleep, or even suppress.


​From intrinsic motivation and above all with great enthusiasm, variety  blossoms in everyone, from early childhood to old age. It really is a miracle every time!


​I see it as the fundamental mission of our school to share this "ordinary" miracle with other organizations."

Inge Struyf, director

Vivencial Poetry


Testimonies of creative tenderness and beauty, danced and written in the Flemish Biodanza School.

I feel the happiness


I feel happiness flowing through my body.
The sounds of the birds make me happy.
The contact with other bodies nourishes me,
Gives me strength and hope.
Soon I will spread my wings and
Fly into the world very slowly and powerfully.
Courageously, confidently towards my new life.


Franceska Everaerts

Our training location

For all training days and weekends of the new cycle, we welcome you in Ramillies: a farm in the middle of nature, with total privacy and plenty of space to dance inside and outside.


Weather permitting, we can eat, walk and swim outside.


Information about and reservation of your overnight stay can be done by emailing Francesca, our training coordinator. 

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