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Onze opleidingen

We are the only school in Flanders to offer a unique, internationally recognized training by the International Biodanza Federation to become a Biodanza facilitator.


​Promoting self-knowledge and self-development, deepening your personal experience, and an intellectual introduction to fascinating thinkers and scientists. Discover all the themes in the agenda! Participation as a free student is possible.


The training program consists of three main parts in annual courses of 10 weekends (approximately one weekend per month).


The first year is devoted to a general approach to the different domains of human knowledge in relation to the theoretical foundations of Biodanza. Fields such as biology, physiology, psychology, mythology and philosophy lay the foundations for knowledge. This year is multidisciplinary and takes into account the progress of science.


The second year is a more focused and specific approach to the nature of Biodanza, its mechanisms, effects and possible areas of application. This year is the core of the training.

The third year is the beginning of the methodology: how do I apply Biodanza in a weekly group? Group dynamics and the specific Biodanza didactics are also discussed here.


These three years form the theoretical part of the Biodanza training.


The fourth year is a practical year: teaching under supervision, writing and presenting a monograph. This leads to the authorization of Biodanza facilitator and the award of the diploma.

The Biodanza courses are a special human journey, you develop your identity, you really get to know a different system


Biodanza growth trajectory

“Stimulating the best in yourself”

Biodanza facilitator

Inspire Change
De Biodanza opleidingen zijn een bijzondere menselijke reis, je ontplooit je identiteit, je leert echt een ander systeem kennen

Biodanza growth trajectory

"Stimulating the best in yourself"

The Biodanza Growth Path is a 2-year training that transforms you.

Through various entrance gates you deepen and broaden both the theory and the practice of Biodanza. We experience and study themes from various fields such as life sciences, anthropology, human ethology, psychology, philosophy, mythology and art, kinetics, music theory.



The Flemish Biodanza School offers an interactive and dynamic way of learning. This way you can develop your identity in the way that suits you in freedom and responsibility. Integration takes place organically on different levels: your dance, your sense of relationship with others, your ability to express yourself poetically and artistically, your development in the five lines of expression of your identity (vitality, sexuality, creativity, affectivity and transcendence). As a student you transform while you are doing the training. Here we also lay a foundation for the basic professional skills and competences of the facilitator.


The adventure of this training also touches on our certainties and invites us to ask ourselves a question: does the road I have traveled so far and the road I want to follow lead to respect for life in its various aspects? It is an invitation to work together in order to actively take a biocentric place in society in daily life and work. The way of transformative action.


During the course , the experience of your dance and your relationships with the other students in the group will become your most important compass. Your vivencias are becoming an increasingly reliable guide to indicate the direction of your transformation process. You start with your knowledge, experiences, needs and dreams. And in the encounter with the other we learn from each other.


After this basic trajectory, you can further deepen your knowledge of Biodanza by enrolling in the 'Biodanza facilitator' training.


More information about the Biodanza facilitator training can be found below.

This training is for you if you

  • are interested in a transformation process

  • are willing to grow in a group

  • feel an affinity with music and movement or want to open up to this


Would you like to register for the Biodanza growth trajectory? Send an email to Inge.

Do you want to follow a module or repeat a module as a facilitator? View our  agenda.

Download the basic program or the registration form here:


Biodanza facilitator 

"Inspire Change"

If you want to pass on the values ​​of Biodanza yourself, the Flemish Biodanza School is happy to welcome you in the third year of the course. A profession for the future! Due to the challenges associated with our rapidly changing society, on a personal, spiritual and relational level, professionals who can guide people towards an authentic life in line with themselves and with all living things are more than necessary. In the fourth year, internship lessons and writing a thesis follow. Because Biodanza awakens desire, desire to live.


Making it your profession is a way of committing to preserving the flame that restores the childlike brightness to eyes. Biodanza awakens desire, desire to dance, to enjoy and to grow. As a Biodanza facilitator you become an ally of an organic movement that has been going on for billions of years.

The Biodanza facilitator is a professional who guides people in developing and expressing their potential, their identity, what they are most vibrant, creative, loving and healthy in. People reappropriate their lives in a healthy relationship with their environment. It is that path to autonomy, creativity and love that the Biodanza facilitator makes possible. Biodanza facilitators are teachers and poets, they are wizards!


​To be a Biodanza facilitator is to keep this question alive and let your actions be the answer: the path of transformative action.

This training is for you if you

  • want to pass on the values ​​of Biodanza itself

  • want to develop an empowering and encouraging way of teaching

  • are willing to continue to grow and learn


Do you want to register to become a Biodanza facilitator? Send an email to Inge.

Download the registration form here:

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