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What is Biodanza?

Biodanza creates the ideal conditions to stimulate the best in yourself: joie de vivre, psycho-somatic balance, sexual development, individual expression, adaptability, relational intelligence, sense of harmony. We experience it all and in our own way.

Biodanza® originated in a clinical environment. The practice has been built up and enriched by the input of many psychologists. It is a scientific discipline before becoming an art of living. Biodanza has evolved to meet the growing need for meaning, joy and cohesion in life.

Combining humanities and ancestral wisdom, Biodanza proposes a new outlook on life consisting of enthusiasm and balance, love and strength, cohesion and resourcefulness, self-knowledge and spiritual awakening.

It is a system of human development where enjoyment is the impetus for evolution. Biodanza is accessible to everyone. Explanations and testimonials are interesting, but nothing is as valuable as your own experience.

So try it yourself!

“My proposal is not just for dancing. It is about activating through certain dances the emotional and communicative possibilities that allow us to connect with ourselves, with our fellow human beings and with nature.”

Rolando Toro Araneda

Why Biodanza?

To enjoy


vitality, well-being, passion, balance, ease, relaxation, lightness, softness, intensity, harmony... 

for a vitalizing connection with yourself and to live your life with the fullness of all your senses.

To listen

to our needs, to balance our rhythm of life as well as possible.

to base our quality of life on wise, meaningful and sensitive choices, connected to our deepest desires.

To enlighten

get the best out of yourself and develop your emotional and relational intelligence.

for a nourishing affective life, source of self-esteem and authenticity.

Who is Biodanza for?

Biodanza is for anyone who wants to improve their quality of life. You don't have to be able to dance or like to dance, you don't need any experience in personal development either. Being in normal good health is enough (please contact us if you experience any difficulties). Biodanza is accessible to adults from the age of 18, with no upper limit.

There is also Biodanza for specific target groups! Biodanza with your team, organization or school? Contact us for a tailor-made proposal.

“Dance is a profound movement that comes from what is most visceral in the human being. Dance is the movement of life, biological rhythm, heartbeat, breathing movement. It is the impulse that drives people to connect with each other. It is also a movement towards oneself, a movement of intimacy.”

Rolando Toro Araneda

How to participate?

Weekly lessons, short or long workshops, close to home or further away, there are different ways to practice Biodanza. Discover it for yourself: nothing beats your own experience!

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is Biodanza an alternative discipline?
    Biodanza is not just an alternative discipline. It is an extension of the humanities in the same way that Freud, Jung, Reich and others have done. Authors who have contributed greatly to the research of systems of healing are part of the theoretical foundations of Biodanza. Biodanza is therefore not "something else", an alternative to what already exists elsewhere. It integrates, highlights and validates what others have brought to light when it comes to addressing the global potential of health. The power of Biodanza lies in expanding and enjoying movement as a foundation for human development.
  • Is Biodanza the same as (dance) therapy?
    ​Biodanza is not a (dance) therapy, but it does have therapeutic effects. What is the difference? Dance therapy is a form of life support, which is offered both individually and in groups, based on the developmental needs of the client. Sometimes wounds and emotions are crystallized in the body and prevent us from moving forward with strength and joy. Dance therapy and Biodanza are two processes that reinforce each other: when healing wounds, life energy is released and this gives an extra impulse to the therapeutic process. Gestures don't lie, because although controlled by the brain, the form or quality of the movement is rooted in the unconscious. Rediscovering and cultivating your movements, sensations and feelings offers the opportunity to receive information about yourself and the way you perceive the world. Dance therapy has the same general goals as Biodanza and biocentric coaching. In therapy or coaching, we provide support to highlight a specific theme or life question with a predetermined goal. Biodanza integrates the body, vivencia and movement in group situations, thus opening up new therapeutic avenues. It is a system of prevention, existential rehabilitation, psychophysical integration (overcoming dissociations), relearning of affectivity, and can be used as an adjunctive treatment of mental disorders and psychosomatic diseases. The goal of traditional psychotherapy is to alleviate or heal complaints and illnesses, the goal of Biodanza, biocentric coaching and dance therapy is to develop the potential of global health and of (suppressed) possibilities and talents.
  • Is Biodanza floaty?
    Biodanza offers movements structured in a systemic model that encompasses all human movement categories. The starting point is a holistic study of all movement methods. Every movement is an incarnation of a skill that is present in every human being and further integrates itself during the sessions and in daily life. Everyone is capable of performing these movements. The difference with many other dance and movement proposals is the carefulness and regularity with which Biodanza encourages and supports growth. An IBF recognized Biodanza facilitator has enjoyed a 4-year training of at least 64 full days (640 hours), and at least 350 hours of additional practical experience, 16 hours of supervision and additional in-depth work at home, preceded the presentation of a thesis and the award of the diploma. In addition, a Biodanza facilitator regularly undergoes training so that the accumulated expertise remains up to date and can be applied immediately.
  • What is a Biodanza class like?
    When we look at nature, everything is rhythm of action and rest. The Biodanzales also follow that organic rhythm. The first part of the lesson we dance actively, then we slow down and rest. You dance individually, with others, and with the whole group. The music is carefully chosen and very varied. A lesson lasts about an hour and a half.
  • What do you need?
    ​It is best to dance in clothes that are flexible and allow fluid movement. Layers are also easy: if you get too hot, you take something off, if you cool down too much, you put something on again. We dance barefoot. Also bring a bottle of water.
  • Am I too young/too old to do Biodanza?
    You are never too old or too young to do Biodanza. A weekly Biodanza group represents the community in all its flavors and colours. So if you feel like dancing, sign up and just drop by!
  • What if I can't dance?
    In Biodanza a dance arises from natural movements within yourself. Being able to dance or like to dance is not necessary. We don't teach dance steps. That way you don't have to think all the time. This has the advantage that you can (learn to) enjoy your movements and relax.
  • And what about gender identity and sexuality in Biodanza?
    Everyone is welcome, whether you are sure of your sexual orientation and gender identity, or you are searching. In Biodanza (relearning) enjoying (your movements) and who you are is fundamental.
  • Does Biodanza help with toxic stress?
    Biodanza gives you the opportunity to relax your nervous system because we offer dances that activate both the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems. There is always a range between action and rest moments. You learn and experience that there are more possible answers to tensions than those you already apply automatically. And you find the right balance.
  • Can you do Biodanza alone?
    Biodanza is a system of 'human' development, where we grow together with the other. That is why we dance in groups, in which we support and stimulate each other.
  • Do you change by doing Biodanza?
    You come out of the routine, you become more aware of your patterns and you are more open to the new. When you connect to your original potential you will start to align your life with it. For example, if you suffered from a negative self-image and you are getting more and more self-confidence, this can be the basis of decisions you make. You also fine-tune your way of dealing with others. Social contacts become easier and your way of looking at others also becomes broader and milder
  • Does Biodanza also exist online?
    Biodanza is a system in which the 5 senses are addressed to achieve transformation. In online activities that are derived from Biodanza, we can mainly address two (hearing and sight). Smelling, tasting and feeling the presence of the dancing other is not discussed. An online offer can never replace the versatile connection with people of flesh and blood. Nevertheless, an online offer can have beneficial effects in times of imposed social isolation such as illness and/or a pandemic. When qualified and experienced Biodanza facilitators delve into the methodology and its effects, an online offer can support participants from existing Biodanza groups or with experience.
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Extra info about Biodanza

Scientific English research on Biodanza:

Below you will find PDFs with additional information about the theoretical model, and a letter from the founder of Biodanza to the Biodanza facilitators:

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